Add-on software for Sage Accpac ERP

Asset Register enables you to perform depreciation calculations on your company’s assets, update your general ledger & report on asset management all within your Sage 300 ERP accounting system. This is for companies who wish to depreciate assets each fiscal period, for book and tax values using straight line or declining balance methods. Compatible with Standard, Advanced and Premium Editions.

You can also use Asset Register stand alone with only System Manager & a Lanpak User. It also handles Canadian CCA & USA MACRS conventions.

Benefits of Asset Register:
Fully Integrated optionally with Accounts Payable,Accounts Receivable and General Ledger 
Barcode stocktake included
Transactions based on business %
Uses your Fiscal Calendar 
Accuracy in calculation
Full audit trails and keeps all transaction history
Avoids double entering of acquisitions and disposals 
Handles Tax appropriately 
Very easy to setup & use 

Asset Register

Asset Register Features:
Tax and Book Depreciation. Single currency assets in single or multicurrency company. 
Even period depreciation or calculate by exact days. 
Optionally send disposals to Accounts Receivable or General Ledger. 
Optionally send acquisitions to Accounts Payable or General Ledger. 
Optionally retrieve Invoices from Accounts Payable for Acquisitions. 
Forecast depreciation two years into the future. 
Record assets against Employees, Cost centres, Locations and Departments. 
Control which General Ledger accounts are affected. 
Be able to report on depreciation for prior years and periods. 
Keep track of asset history. 
Full import and export facility for records. 
Custom reports available via Crystal Reports. 
Full ACCPAC Security on Asset Register. 
Ability to revalue and add value to assets and write back Accumulated Depreciation. 
Provisional or Actual period end processing. 
Consolidated or full detail General Ledger batches. 
Appropriate handling of Luxury Car depreciation. 
Ability to setup categories for default information to speed data entry. 
Stocktake facility using barcode scanner. 
Ability to do depreciation adjustments, USA Section 179 & Special Depreciation Allowances

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